It is essential that the US borders be effectively and humanely secured. The situation at the Southern border is in crisis, and it’s up to Congress to provide the resources to adequately manage the security there. Refusing to provide adequate funding for the necessary steps needed to secure the border has contributed greatly to the chaos. Congress controls the purse strings.

As your Representative to Congress, I am committed to working to secure the Southern border by providing the following resources:

  1. Staff and judges to properly process those individuals who legally present themselves to authorities for asylum, ensuring that those who do not qualify are quickly turned away rather than detained or released to await processing.
  2. Provide clear benchmarks for closing the border when inundated beyond capacity.
  3. Increase the number of Border Agents and electronic surveillance capacity.
  4. Work internationally to foster economic development and political stability in the regions that most migrants leave.
  5. Revisit the bipartisan bill hammered out over months in the Senate.