Social Security

I pledge to make protecting Social Security a top priority, ensuring seniors that they do not need to live in fear for their financial future.

The Republican Study Committee released their proposed budget in which they gut Social Security, proposing $1.5 Trillion in cuts to the program, increasing the age to 69 and cutting disability benefits. [1.] My opponent, Byron Donalds, makes claims that Social Security is insolvent, yet supports tax cuts for the most extremely wealthy Americans.

For millions of Americans, Social Security is the only income they will have as they age to a point where they can no longer earn a living wage. Previous generations had access to pensions from their jobs as a vehicle to save for old age. With the introduction of employer matched 401K programs, pensions have all but disappeared as an option for most Americans. [2.] As we learned in the various market busts, your 401K is dependent on an inflationary stock market and when the market tanks, so does your retirement – including the principal.

Social Security has provided a much-needed safety net for everyday Americans, a promise that we cannot allow the radical extremists to break.