My name is Kari Lerner and I’m running for Congress to represent Florida District 19, serving portions of Lee and Collier Counties.

About me

I am an experienced legislator, businesswoman, and public servant. I believe that to provide strong leadership means to serve and have lived that belief through action. I am fighting for our personal freedoms that are being eaten away by invasive laws. I am fighting for the freedom for healthcare choice – no politician should dictate what medical procedures may be offered to save your life. I am fighting for the freedom to choose who you love, the freedom to vote, the freedom to worship – or not, the freedom the read what YOU choose, the freedom to support your family through the dignity of work. The Will of The People is in danger of being ignored by those who deem themselves to dictators of what freedoms we Americans can or cannot enjoy.

I’m Running Because Your Vote Matters!

Some may say that your vote doesn’t matter. They say that you are powerless to impact the direction of our nation.  Well, they are just wrong. There are members of Congress working to override your vote, they need to be stopped. Register to vote, enroll in Vote by Mail, and vote like your democracy, even your very life or the life of someone you love depends on it. Because the truth is, it does.

About my radical opponent

My opponent likes to talk about freedom as he works to take away choices like what medical procedures may be offered and whom you can marry. As an election-denying mouthpiece of the most radical faction of today’s Republican party, Byron Donalds poses a real threat to our state and to our nation. We can and we must stop him!

I’m asking for your help

If you believe, like I do, in building up not blowing up, competence not chaos, that We The People have the power to fulfill the promise of America, please visit KariLernerForFlorida.com today to become a founding donor. You can also use the QR code below to go directly to the website to donate. Our nation needs all to step forward, join us. Thank you for your time, your help, and your support.