Kari Lerner is a Dedicated Public Servant Committed to Your Rights and Freedoms

  • People over Politics: Kari believes in putting the needs of The People above political ambitions and personal loyalties.
  • Independent Mindset: Kari believes in being a genuine representative and advocate for the People of Southwest Florida.
  • Upholding the Rule of Law: Kari believes in the principle that no one is above the law, and that the Constitution must be upheld as our Founding Fathers intended.

Kari Lerner is a Champion of Fundamental Freedoms

  • Healthcare Choice: Kari advocates for personal autonomy in healthcare decisions, including reproductive rights.
  • Voting Rights: Kari ensures equal voting opportunities for all, opposing gerrymandering and other partisan tactics.
  • Love and Worship: Kari defends the freedom to love whom you choose and the right to worship, or not, as enshrined in the Constitution.
  • Freedom of Expression: Kari upholds the rights to read, assemble, and speak freely, safeguarding the pillars of democracy.
  • Pursuit of Happiness: Kari fights for everyone’s right to life, liberty, and happiness.

Kari Lerner: From Floridian roots to serving the People

  • Hometown Pride: Raised in Cape Coral, Kari’s journey with her family took her to New England and then back to her Floridian roots, embodying a spirit of service and community.
  • Graduate of Caloosa Middle School in Cape Coral.
  • Graduate of Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, where Kari was an active member of the Honor Society and Senior Class Treasurer.
  • Graduated Summa cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.
  • Substitute Teacher for nine years, gaining an understanding of the support hard working educators need in order to prepare the next generation of responsible citizens.
  • Seasoned Realtor with licenses in Florida, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, bringing 37 years of business experience to Southwest Florida.

Kari Lerner is a Proven Public Servant

  • Served as the Chair of the Lee County Democratic Party where she transitioned from the Republican Party in 2004, finding a new home in the Democratic Party which embodied her values of putting people first.
  • Elected Town Chair for Chester NH Democrats, actively engaging in local politics.
  • Served as the New Hampshire State Representative for District 4, where she was the second Democrat in 120 years to represent a Republican district.
  • Co-sponsor of a landmark bill in New Hampshire aimed at protecting children from child marriage, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Kari Lerner is not just a candidate; she’s a competent leader, fighter for your rights, and a guardian of your freedoms, ready to represent you in Congress.

Pronouns: she/her/hers