Democrat Kari Lerner blasts Rep. Byron Donalds for failing to pass Hurricane Ian tax relief bill.

“It’s time for Byron Donalds to stop making excuses and stop blaming others.”

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA — Democratic challenger Kari Lerner blasted her opponent, incumbent Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), for his failure to pass promised tax relief legislation to aid victims of Hurricane Ian, a Category 5 storm that devastated southwest Florida in 2022.

The Hurricane Tax Relief Act (H.R. 1494), was introduced by Rep. Donalds exactly one year ago and has since languished with no activity in the Republican-controlled House Ways and Means Committee. The bill “modifies tax rules relating to personal casualty losses for taxpayers affected by Hurricane Ian” and “eliminates the requirements that such taxpayers must itemize their tax deductions.” [1]

Upon introducing the legislation last year, Donalds proclaimed, “as the Congressman representing ground zero of Hurricane Ian’s impact, it has been my utmost priority to restore our community and ensure the federal government is working to help, not hold up our recovery efforts.” [2]

“If helping southwest Floridians recover from Hurricane Ian was actually Byron Donalds ‘utmost priority’ we’d have tax relief coming before next month’s tax filing deadline,” charged Kari Lerner. “But instead of action, all we’ve gotten from our Congressman is a litany of excuses.”

“First he blamed former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and now he’s blaming the Senate, even though the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans,” continued Lerner. “It’s time for Byron Donalds to stop making excuses and stop blaming others.” [3] [4]

“The only ‘utmost’ priorities Byron Donalds has been demonstrating is his ongoing audition to be aformer President Trump’s running mate, his obsession over Hunter Biden, and his numerous votes to shut down our government — we deserve better.”  

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