Kari Lerner Launches Campaign for Florida Congressional District 19

Kicking off her campaign at the Lee County Women’s March, Kari Lerner delivered an impactful and resonant address at today’s Women’s March. Her speech, characterized by its eloquence and insightful understanding of contemporary societal challenges, will change the public discourse on key issues:

Protecting the Freedoms that Matter
“From our drinking water to the air we breathe, we must protect the security and safety of our people.”

A Government for the People and by the People
“Americans are looking for solutions to the issues that impact their everyday lives, not slogans or empty words.”

Competence Not Chaos
“We need leaders willing to work together in unity on behalf of the people.”

Lerner also championed her commitment to bolstering infrastructure resilience, particularly in the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian, and to fostering the success of businesses and a flourishing economy.