Kari Lerner for Florida’s 19th:
YOUR Support Drives National Change

Be a Part of the Movement That’s Bigger Than One District

Kari Lerner is more than a candidate for Florida’s 19th Congressional District—she’s a beacon for national progress on climate, health, and justice. Your support from afar doesn’t just contribute to a campaign; it fuels a movement poised to impact Democratic priorities across the United States. Join us in championing a future where every voice is heard, and every action creates ripples of change.

Why Kari? Why Now?

  • Climate Action Leader: Kari stands at the forefront of environmental advocacy, ready to push for bold national policies on climate change that protect our planet for future generations.
  • Healthcare Reformer: Her commitment to expanding access to quality healthcare underscores a national urgency to prioritize wellness and women’s health rights.
  • Justice and Equality Champion: Kari’s dedication to justice for all is a clarion call for addressing systemic inequalities that affect communities nationwide.

Your Impact Goes Beyond District 19

Every donation to Kari’s campaign is an investment in a national dialogue on the issues that matter most. By supporting Kari, you’re amplifying the push for progressive legislation that resonates from Florida to the furthest corners of the country. See how:

  • $50 can help spread the word about Kari’s climate advocacy to thousands online.
  • $100 supports outreach efforts that highlight the importance of health and justice in this election.
  • $250 enables strategic campaigning that puts national issues like climate change, healthcare reform, and social justice at the forefront of voters’ minds.

Join Us: Your Contribution is a Catalyst for Change

This is your opportunity to make a difference, not just in Florida’s 19th, but in shaping the national conversation around our most pressing challenges. Donate today and stand with Kari Lerner as we strive for a brighter, more equitable, and sustainable future.