For Immediate Release

Rep. Byron Donalds has time to meddle with Washington, DC’s affairs, but can’t pass Hurricane Ian tax relief bill.

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA — Democratic challenger Kari Lerner continued to highlight Rep. Byron Donalds’ (R-FL) failure to pass his promised Hurricane Ian tax relief legislation.

The Hurricane Tax Relief Act (H.R. 1494) was introduced by Rep. Donalds exactly one year ago today and has since languished with no activity in the Republican-controlled House Ways and Means Committee. [1]

“Rep. Donalds claims tax relief for southwest Floridians is his ‘utmost’ priority but his lack of action says otherwise,” declared Kari Lerner. “Now, exactly one year after he introduced his tax relief legislation, he’s not fighting for his bill to help struggling southwest Floridians, but meddling in the affairs of another city.” [2]

Lerner is referring to legislation introduced by Donalds this week to change the criminal codes in Washington, DC, which has already advanced from committee to a full house vote expected soon. [3]

“If something gets him on Fox News or can curry favor with former President Trump, it seems Donalds can move with lightning speed to get legislation moving,” said Lerner, referring to the rapid advancement his Washington, DC bill had this week. “But passing something that actually matters in the lives of working-class families seems of no interest to Donalds.”

“If helping southwest Floridians recover from Hurricane Ian was actually Byron Donalds ‘utmost priority’ we’d have tax relief coming before next month’s tax filing deadline,” concluded Kari Lerner. “But instead of action, all we’ve gotten from our Congressman is a litany of excuses.” [4] [5]

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